Friday, 9 August 2013

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Some expensive quality gadgets , that add luxury to your home!!


Some of the high-tech expensive Gadgets of 2012-2013.Lets take a look at some of these.......

Loewe 55" Individual

cost :  $8,499.00/Rs. 5,46,750



This entertainment system opens up many multimedia possibilities.With its surround sound and High quality 3D environment will make your home your theater. you can watch web videos,listen to online radio and can even convert your 2-D programmes to 3-D.With a 400 Hz E-led  backlit screen, an integrated 3D blue-ray player and a hard disk recorder with 500 GB memory ,everything you need comes from one source.Know more about the Gadget 

 Bose videowave II

cost : Rs 5,50,013/$ 5,495.95


Bose videowave II combines top picture quality with excellent surround sound but it will not give you the behind speakers( as in a normal 5 speaker set up).The 55" TV comes with a console that has all the ports you want and comes with a iPod dock.It weighs 60 kg, comes with a click pad remote on which you have to just slide your fingers to access any setting of the TV on screen.Know more ....

Mobiado Grand touch silver

 cost: Rs. 4,00,200 



The Canadian company famous for its hand-crafted phones has come out with this new gadget (bar phone)embedded with a meteoroid piece from NASA  and sued with 139 carats of sapphire crystal. its battery cover is entirely made up of one piece of sapphire crystal .Other features of the Grand touch silver:
  • 4 inch touchscreen
  • Resolution-800 x 400 Px
  • weight-178g
  • 16 GB of storage with 512 MB RAM 


 Vu 55" Tarun Tahiliani Couture TV

 cost: Rs. 3.5 Lakhs

The 3D TV is a piece of art  ,with an ornamental Latticework Frame sporting subtle Swarovski elements.With an inbuilt computer running Windows 7 professional ,the TV is loaded with 2 GB of memory ,a 500 GB SATA hard drive, an Intel HD graphic card and a wireless keyboard with a touch pad mouse.Know all about its specs


And the most expensive one.....

Steinway Lyngdorf Model D 

 cost : Rs 1.23 crore



The mode-D is a stereo system designed after meticulous engineering. Each speaker has been  put through 170 hrs of machining and assembling by hand for over 8 weeks.Features involve Room perfect technology which adapts the sound system to the room to give the best you can put the speakers in any room without worrying about the placement or furniture and get the same high quality rich sound anywhere.And its good looks gives it an edge over other speakers since it is the best looking one in the market.It weighs  184kg.Know more about the luxurious Gadget


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