Tuesday, 6 August 2013

How to test a website on Different mobile devices?

What testing does your mobile Site need?

Be prepared to test your website on as many mobile devices as you possibly can. Although you can use your browser to test or imitate thing such as screen size, display, layout etc. but there are some horrible things that can go wrong which cannot be seen on a browser. Some of these are:

• Packet size limitations by mobile carriers preventing your page or images from loading on the mobile devices.

• Images loading incorrectly, not in proper order and place and Sometimes do not load at all.

• Inability to scroll horizontally (which is nearly impossible to do in some phones).

• Device -specified features not working that you were relying on File formats not being

Now, the need is to test the site on as many devices (mobiles) as one can. But you likely don't have an unlimited budget for buying so many mobile phones (and their associated cell phone plans), so what to do? Here are some suggestions:

* Use emulators- Both online and offline emulators are available for many varieties of mobile devices. Most are free to use and they give you at least a start at testing your site for mobile devices.6 free mobile device emulators for testing your site

* Rent time on devices- Various services exist that will allow you to rent time on multiple phones. This will teach you how the phones handle your applications and you’re sent cost will also be justified.

* Buy some phones- This option may seem a bit costly to you but it could be a reasonable investment if you are planning to do mobile web development on a larger scale.

* Get help from your friends/relatives and co-workers- This option doesn't cost you anything and a good technique of borrowing phones from people you know and just checking your website, if it functioning correctly or not. Simply ask to borrow phones or tablets from people you know .All you need to put your site on a live web server.

* Resize Browser window to different devices size -Test your website's display on different devices like iPhone, iPad, Tablets, Android Phones etc. Since the devices screen size vary , it is difficult to test on each screen.Here is a website to resize any browser to some preset value at single click.check out http://www.resizemybrowser.com/ .Full information on- Resize Browser Window to Mobile Phones, Tablets Screen Sizes

Conclusion- If you are really interested in mobile web development and doing it on a high note then you must have at least one mobile device to test your site, its pages and functioning. And remember, the more devices you test on, the better your site will be. More people will see and appreciate it.


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