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11 Google features, of which World is unaware of !

Google is mostly popular for its search engine(google search) and Mobile operating system –Android. The First use of Google which comes to our mind is through Search engine as people use it to solve their most difficult to most basic problem.There are many reasons for why people prefer Google over other search engines like Google is a faster and lighter web engine.It provides many important facilities such as DART programming language, jobs, games, and many more.
Believe me or not, if you have a slow internet network, try browsing Google and many other famous websites. You'll see that Google takes less time to load completely. Also,
It is a much more "modernized" search engine, it doesn’t just search key words, and it searches spelling, phrases and para-meanings. Using Google is incredibly easy because it doesn’t just read what you say; it picks up what you meant. How to keep pc protected and virus free (offline/online)?

But Its Network is far more than of search engine and Smartphones.
Let’s have a look at some other amazing Google features ….

Google Mars 

It basically works like Google earth .  You can find out any information related to the planet just opposite to earth i.e. MARS on Google mars. Google Mars uses the Google Maps interface to show maps of the surface of Mars. You can choose from altitude, visible, or infrared views of the planet's surface, and you can steer to landmarks like canyons, dunes, and spacecraft landing sites. Some areas also have additional information, such as pictures or videos. So the feature gives you a rear view of mars itself.

Google scholar

It  helps in finding out information on the websites of scientists, students, Books, journals and universities. Google Scholar is a great way to find scholarly and academic articles on the Web. Here's an official recommendation that sums it all up: "From one place, you can search across many disciplines and sources: peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, abstracts and articles, from academic publishers, professional societies, preprint repositories, universities and other scholarly organizations. Google Scholar helps you identify the most relevant research across the world of scholarly research."

Google translate

With the help of this feature user can easily type anything in any language which suites him like Chinese, Japanese, French, Hindi, English or any other language existing in this world. Also helps in finding out the meaning of any word in any other language quickly as possible.  

Build with chrome

Launched by Google Australia and Lego helps in building 3-D images and you can also download 3-D images from here.  An  online interactive campaign bringing together Google Maps, Lego and HTML5 features associated with Google Chrome browser. Connected with the Google Chrome proposition, “The web is what you make of it”, the campaign gives LEGO brick fans of all ages the opportunity to build their own creations and view others published online at

Google think

It was mainly launched for the advertisers and includes articles, blogs etc related to marketing which can really inspire anyone.


Through this Feature of Google, you can connect with your Friends and relatives. Can make a plan of an outing with your friends and having fun from just sitting in your house. More Features of this amazing Feature, you can explore yourself , so just Google it up!!!!!

Power search

Here Google experts, technician and scientists are present to help you to sharpen your searching skills and tells you “how to make your searches more effective”. It helps you to find the correct information and in depth detail about any topic of your choice.

Sound search

I found this feature more interesting than other as I love music. I think most of us enjoy listening to music and this feature helps in providing information about the music of our interest. It gives plenty of info about anything related to a song whether about composer, the film of which the song is part of, the singer, Album, its actor; actress etc .So here’s the link.

Google Moderator

An open stage to all on which one can discuss with others about any topic. You can put your own questions, can take advice from others and can put your views about any topic of interest. It’s a kind of Forum which takes in account discussions about wide variety of topics like political, social, economic etc.

Google Art project

The platform enables users to virtually tour museums and art galleries located in any part of world, explore physical and contextual information about artworks, and compile their own virtual collection. It a kind of a trip to any museum of your choice and enjoying with utmost comfort but the difference is that no physical work required, you are doing it by just sitting in your home.

Google Encrypted

Last but not the least, this feature has its own importance. Google Encrypted uses a secured channel (secure socket layer) that helps protect your search terms and your search results pages from being intercepted by a third party on your network.
Other than that, it just searches in a similar way as the normal Google, and won't give you viruses.Don’t charge your Mobile battery to the FULL !!!


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