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Capture and print anything from a Webpage within seconds !!

Print any webpage or anything from it within seconds!!!

For Mozilla Firefox users, there’s an add-on to make life easier and less complicated .If you have a printer attached to your device then you must use it to print out important pictures, documents etc .Then what’s the process to do that, Going to the print option, selecting various options, which page to print then giving the print command. What if you want only an image’s printout from a webpage? The procedure will be...First saving the image then taking it further to print. I think it’s much complex and pointlessly occupies your device’s space. If you commonly use printer then check out how many useless pictures and documents are lying here and there on your device. They must be in huge numbers.What makes Smartphone a "smart phone"!

There are more than a few Add-Ons which enable you to capture a webpage's area; however its primary objective is to save the captured area as an image on your hard-disk. This add-on let's you forward the captured area directly to your printer, thus saving time if what you want is to print captured areas since no need to load and then print the saved image on disk.
Just select any area/portion of your choice from a webpage with this adds on and it will be ready for print within seconds. It allows you to print 1very large pages without ads or other material tying up your printout 'real estate.' You print only what you really want to print.Example given below will help you to know , how easy it is.

 How to do it?

 1.   Installation

•    Open your Mozilla Firefox browser
•    Click on the Firefox option at the top left corner
•    Choose Add-ons option and then services
•    Now click “Learn more about add-ons”
•    Find the “capture &print” add-on and install it.
•    You are ready to go.

2.    Start capturing and printing!! 

After installation, whenever you want to print any webpage or capture some area to print just activate the capturing process by:
•    Clicking the toolbar button added at the right top corner below the x
•    Or by right clicking the mouse and selecting capture &share option
Further process you know, click and drag to select the area to capture - then, as soon you Leave the mouse button it'll be automatically sent to the Firefox's PrintPreview window.


 I want to print this flower pot only.

Right click and select capture& print.

Drag to select only the flower pot.

 It’s done, just give the print command.

Other useful ad-ons:
1. Nimbus Screen Capture- free download


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