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What makes Smartphone a "smart phone"!

Seeing other’s Smartphone you must think that what are the special features of the phone? But many don’t know that there are some apps which make a Smart phone special and smart. Let’s talk about these apps……

Now days, whenever we move out of our home sweet home, one thing we usually do of checking the pockets to ensure that the mobile is inside there. And if it is elapsed by mistake, then it feels like some important part of our body is left behind and the feeling of isolation hangover. Today, mobiles are renewed to Smart phones which give us freedom to store all stuff of our use. Smartphones are really great to have. It's similar to using a computer, but now it's smaller and portable.  You are able to download apps, you can access files from the internet (i.e. PDF), you are able to check your funds, send mails and pay your bills using the Mobile Banking app, you can use the Navigation app to help you find your way around the city, etc. 

Talking of the ancient mobile phones, these Smartphones are far better than those as they have those special features which make a person’s life easy and entertaining. Some of the apps are here, which makes a Smart phone even smarter :

Power tune up

Due to lot of functions of a Smartphone, Battery issue generally arises. To handle it, this app can play a vital role. This is the best way to save your battery life as it comes up with the feature of battery optimization which allows less use of battery during various tasks and processes. Its Night mode feature keeps the phone at supersaver mode from night at 12am to 6am which enhances the battery backup. Know all about it at Google play store.

This app is good for those users which spend a lot of time checking mails on phone or reading on e-book. As usually, the backlight remains for few seconds or so and one has to click it again and again to light up. As long as the user is holding the device, the app will ensure that the screen is on and also “angle selection” feature of this app helps the user while reading something.  

Every user wants to get rid of unknown calls and messages. And this app is built for this purpose only.  Not only help in blocking unknown calls and messages but also provides the information about the unknown caller whether his/her no is in contact list or not. The apps popularity can be configured from the fact that more than 1500 people around the world download this app daily.

This app is handy for those users having habit of misplacing their phone. If you have forgot your phone in home then you can retrieve important no’s from it, can diver calls and also delete your private data if your phone is lost or stolen, by sending just an sms. And also by sending a simple sms, you can change the phone’s setting.

This is kind of application which allows user to keep a record of his day to day Expenditure.Not only keeps a track of the daily money spent, but also helps in financial management and so helps in saving time and money.

The application is built specially for the music lovers. Here you can choose from more than 100 instrumental sounds. And also for different sounds, pitch band wheel is provided. Specially made for the ipads, this app become famous after one of the recordings of the famous UK based gorilla band group. One can use this app in devices having i.o.s 3.2 or more.


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