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Don’t charge your Mobile battery to the FULL !!!

 Many people charge their mobile’s battery everybody or some charges it when goes empty. Ways of charging battery are so many but everybody wants that their phone’s battery life goes for long. According to the Experts one should never charge the mobile battery to 100%. If you want to extend the life of your mobile phone’s battery, then try to avoid charging it to 100 percent.
Technology website http://www.gizmodo.in/  has claimed that mobile phones should not be charged to 100 percent as it shortens the battery life.
Experts say that it is better to keep batteries running at between 50 to 100 percent rather than to ensure that phone is constantly charged or running down the battery completely. 
Also one should avoid hot objects coming in contact of mobile while charging.  Overcharging, or having a full battery from zero doe’s gradual damage to phone batteries. Many people keep the phone on charging at night and leaving it till the next day which causes overcharging .Leaving phones connected to the charger after they are fully charged can also do damage to batteries, as it causes high temperature.
There are ways to keep your battery safe and run for long like turning phone to airplane mode in low signal areas, use of a quite ringtone and turning off application that use Global Positioning System (GPS) can also help to conserve the battery life. Another on is that you should always discharge your battery to the full in a month at least so that the phone can reset itself. It will surely help in enhancing your Battery’s life. According to Gizmodo, a Smartphone battery should never go below 40 percent and above 80 percent. He also said it should always be unplugged before it reaches 100 percent because overcharging phone battery  can wear it out.
So remember these things to keep your battery active and healthy     

·         Keep the battery between 40-80%
·         Discharge the battery to 0%, and then recharge it.
·         No hot object near the phone while charging
·         Keep the mobile at a place having temperature 22 degrees as it prolongs battery’s life
·         Never use a wireless charger because it can "toast your battery".
·         Keep the level of brightness low .
           Less use of Applications and internet , closing unused applications


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