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What makes Windows 8.1 different from others?

As everybody is excited about Windows 8.1,  Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer  took  the stage in San Francisco to talk about about the keynote address at the annual BUILD developers conference where he outlined the company's future strategy and revealed a number of impressive updates to the Windows 8 operating system.Don’t charge your Mobile battery to the FULL !!!

Although Windows 8.1 won't officially launch until the end of 2013. But,For those using windows 8  this post can be really interesting as I will talk about the latest  changes in windows 8 and windows 8.1 features:

The start button is Back!!! 

Start button returns. Users wanted it and Guess what!! Microsoft has given it Back to its customers. However, the way it has been Used is slightly different from start buttons of old times. Clicking on it does not pull up a start menu from the task bar which expands in outward sections as  we used to do in ancient times. Instead, clicking on ‘Start' opens a start page.
High-resolution display support
The new window automatically expands or contracts icons  to match the resolution and size of a connected display. This is a key addition for those  who want to use a tablet as their primary device but then link it with a keyboard and standalone monitor (or even an HD TV) for home or office use.
3D printing 

As the name suggests, It is really an interesting subject , everybody want to know about and  the Microsoft company really is looking to the future rather than simply trying to second-guess its competitors. Windows 8.1  will have native support for 3D printing.3-D printing requires different software packages and separate programs and use plastic to create almost any models a you want. The company(Microsoft) has partnered with a number of major 3D companies including 3D Systems, Autodesk, Dassault Systèmes, Formlabs, MakerBot, netfabb, Stratasys, Tiertime, Trimble and many others. Drivers of these companies will be in place at launch, and more being added continuously.

Not everybody is aware of it . It is a software that analyzes digital photographs and generates a three-dimensional model of the photos and a point cloud of a photographed object.
Microsoft's take on panoramic(360 degree view)  photography, this built-in app will automatically join smaller images together to create a 360 degree view.
Cataloguing apps

Aswe know, In Windows 8 there is no simple, straightforward way of viewing all of the apps installed on a computer together as a single  list. This problem has been dealt with rather a stylish way and now a single swipe up pulls up your list of installed apps.
Installing Windows 8.1 preview

If you want to test out the operating system for yourself , Download the preview edition of Windows 8.1, it’s very easy.What you have to do…..
Go to the Windows 8.1 previewpage and download an update file and follow the instructions.

However, make sure your computer is fully backed up and all of its installed software is up to date before proceeding.8 must have open source apps for windows!!

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